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About Dario

Born April 21, 1983 in Livingston, New Jersey USA.

Raised in Jersey City and in Newark, New Jersey.

I was born in New Jersey to an African-American mother and a Persian father. We were a working poor family and for us life was a constant struggle to make ends meet. I held on to my goals, getting into Princeton and through three law degrees. I know what it’s like to come from a hard life, but I also know what it’s like to make good on little more than faith and hard work.

I've previously taught as a high school English teacher, served as a K-8 school administrator and as a community college instructor. I enjoy giving back through education and I believe that it is the key to our advancement as a country, just as it has been key to my own personal upliftment. I formerly practiced law in Canada and more recently as an international environmental lawyer at a firm in Haifa.

In Youngstown, OH, I served as a member of the Youngstown Board of Education (2016-2020), fighting the predatory effort of the State of Ohio to take over our district and trap our children in a CEO-run corporate failure. I fought to ban fracking and successfully took on local and state governments in court to uphold the public's right to public records.

Raised at the intersection of multiple cultural experiences, I have taken a very liberal and open-minded approach to spiritual leadership - converting to Judaism and becoming the first born-Muslim ordained as a rabbi. I was previously the campus rabbi for the College of Wooster (Wooster, OH) as well as a pulpit rabbi to a local congregation in Youngstown, Ohio.


Board Member, Youngstown Board of Education (Youngstown, OH) - 2016-2020


Chair, Mahoning County OH Green Party (2018-2020)

Former Green Party National Committee Delegate (on behalf of the Lavender Caucus)

Member/signatory of the following organizations and causes:

  • Jewish Voice for Peace
  • Boycott!: Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within


B.A., History - Princeton University

LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) - University of Windsor

J.D. (Juris Doctor) - University of Detroit Mercy

LL.M. (Master of Laws) - Wayne State University