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Green Party Presidential Candidate Makes A Stop In Carbondale

Green Party Presidential Candidate Makes A Stop In Carbondale

  JUN 24, 2019

The son of an Iranian immigrant who is running for US President made a stop in Carbondale  earlier today (Monday).  Green Party candidate Dario Hunter outlined his plans on a variety of issues including education.  When asked where the money would come from for more education resources for teachers, Hunter said, in many cases, the funding is there, it's just tied up in administration and other overhead costs.  Hunter says he would also end privatization in school districts.

On immigration at our southern border, Hunter strongly believes that the two main political parties are not solving the problem, but, instead, he says Democrats and Republicans are busy using immigrant children as political pawns.

Hunter also is calling for a strong eco–socialist Green New Deal, and would like to see the US using 100 percent  renewable energy by the year 2030.

Hunter is an attorney, a former school teacher and is currently  on the Youngstown Ohio School board.

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