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Hunter/Elias Statement on Sanders




Green Party’s Hunter and Elias Prepared to Use Their Positive Message to Appeal to Sanders Supporters


Bernie Sanders’ April 8 announcement about suspending his campaign leaves a large portion of left wing voters disappointed and looking elsewhere. Green Party presidential candidate Dario Hunter and vice-presidential candidate Darlene Elias understand both the disappointment of this moment and the possibilities it provides for future U.S. politics. “It’s a sad thing,” said Elias, co-chair of the Green Party’s Women’s Caucus and National Committee delegate for the Latinx Caucus. “And many people were greatly relying on him, and very grateful for what he has done for the left movement.” Elias sees this moment as a good opportunity not only for her and Hunter’s campaign, but also for a left movement that has long encountered establishment resistance, especially on foreign policy and economic reform. According to Hunter’s official campaign site, his campaign proposes “the right to a living wage job with wages indexed to cost of living and inflation (but never less than $15/hr),” and full employment “under the real Green New Deal,” among other things.



Hunter himself is seeing the positive side to what the Sanders campaign accomplished, but also sees what can be accomplished with the Green Party continuing the momentum. “Like the many who supported Senator Sanders,” said Hunter, a former environmental attorney, and rabbi. “We place people over profit and are fighting to ensure a fair deal for America’s working class.” He encourages people to “trust and believe that together, the power of the people will prevail and that we will build a fairer, greener America.” 

“It is with regret that we see Sen. Bernie Sanders bow out of the Democratic Party primary,” Hunter continues. “Bernie has carried the torch for many years and gave us all hope that we can believe in. But the inspiration that millions of Americans felt will live on. The ripple effect of his focus on issues that matter most to the American people, such as healthcare, housing, a living wage, tuition free education and climate change, will continue to affect generations to come. Now more than ever, in the midst of the challenges posed by COVID-19, we need leaders to champion the causes that matter most to everyday Americans. The Hunter campaign is here for you.” 

As for Elias, she is even more insistent, saying that “our message to Sanders supporters, American citizens and the world is that the power of the people will prevail and in the near future together we will create an America that works for all of us.” This is because, she adds with a strong note of positivity, “it is inevitable.”

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