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Israel-Palestine and BDS

(Image source: Justin McIntosh)

The Hunter campaign supports the call for the creation of one secular, democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis and recognizes that the form such a state may take is to be decided by the peoples themselves.

The Israeli government currently engages in and supports illegal settlements, home demolitions, collective punishment, blockades and apartheid – in violation of international law and basic standards of morality and human dignity.

The Hunter campaign fully supports BDS, a form of nonviolent resistance to the Israeli government’s occupation and its apartheid policies.

Twenty-six (26) states have passed anti-BDS laws to stifle our constitutional right to protest Israel’s actions. Our campaign opposes all such measures. As a nation, we must disentangle ourselves from aiding and abetting human rights abuses – wherever they occur - and speak with a clear voice in defense of the dignity of all human beings.

We must apply this approach to all countries with which we deal (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt), putting people and our democratic principles over profits.