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On the Issues

Some key (non-exhaustive) Hunter platform points are:


Together we will fight for the human right to food, water, housing and essential utilities.

We will fight for the right to a living wage job with wages indexed to cost of living and inflation (but never less than $15/hr). 

Under the REAL Green New Deal there will be full employment – with public works jobs and green jobs.

We will protect workers rights and protect unions - ending firings without just cause.

We will achieve equal pay and equal rights for women, finally passing the Equal Rights Amendment.


There will be tuition free education from grade school through to college.

And we will overcome the educational racism that plagues our schools, subjecting children of color to lessened educational opportunities and the racism of lowered expectations.

We will fight to keep local voice and choice in education – and keep privatization out of our educational system. Our children are not to be used as pawns for corporate profit.


We will secure clean air, water and soil for future generations and end the environmental racism that plagues minority communities with pollution. We will transition away from fossil fuels, ending their harmful extraction.

And we will set clear achievable goals to transition to 100% renewable energy.



Bought and paid for Republican and Democratic leaders will tell you that some banks are ‘too big to fail.’ There is no such thing. Break them up. And make corporations and rich pay their fair share. Corporations are not people - and we will no longer allow their interests to outrank the public good.

We shall give grants to green businesses and support community coops in minority communities.

We will democratize monetary policy, giving the public control of the money supply and the creation of credit.


There will be single payer health care for all Americans (i.e. Medicare for All), with no copays, deductibles or restrictions against pre-existing illness.

We will end racism in healthcare that causes a lack of resources and access for minority communities.


We will halt the unwarranted deportations and detentions, night raids and the abusive separation of undocumented immigrant families.

We will create a path to citizenship for immigrants that is reasonable, achievable and appreciates the value immigrants bring to our country.


Through ranked choice voting, proportional representation and open debates we will seek to perfect the revolution this country's founders started by bringing real democracy and real choice to America’s voters. We will remove the ballot access barriers put in place by the Republicans and Democrats (and their corporate masters).

Equal Rights

We will bring an end to the senseless killing of people of color by law enforcement – supporting the efforts of Black Lives Matter.

We will affirm tribal sovereignty, affirm all treaties, and restore tribal lands to our indigenous peoples – protecting their sacred sites and fighting racism.

Through targeted legislation, we will protect the rights and the lives of LGBTQIA+ persons.

We will stand up against colonialism in Puerto Rico, supporting Puerto Rico's self determination and independence.

We will fight for reparations for Americans of African descent who have been subjected to centuries of slavery and discrimination.


We will end the war on drugs that feeds into our shameful system of mass incarceration – the new plantation system for African-Americans and people of color.

In response to the ongoing genocide by police, we will demilitarize, defund, disestablish and devolve power to local communities in law enforcement.

We will establish community oversight of public safety and end the quotas for enforcement actions that create a for profit law enforcement model.

We will end the abusive surveillance, spying and violation of our free speech that has occurred under Republican and Democratic administrations alike.

We will protect whistleblowers and publishers like Julian Assange from malicious prosecution with federal level legal protections. 



We will end the war budget and stop funding interventionist activities and wars, closing over 700 military bases abroad. And we will stop aiding and abetting human rights abusers around the world – such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. [Click here for details on our pro-BDS, anti-occupation stance on Israel-Palestine.]

We will fund instead a Department of Peace. Our best defense is the pursuit of diplomacy, a strong educational system (i.e. a well educated public) and a strong infrastructure.

And yet we will ensure the quality of veterans' health programs, and honor our military by dealing with the ongoing impact of the military sexual crime crisis outside of the broken military judicial system.