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Spotlight: Green Path Forward


We're strongly committed as a campaign to transitioning to 100% renewable, clean energy, which will help eliminate carbon emissions and save this planet from climate change catastrophe (i.e. the Green New Deal). But we understand that climate change is spurred on by multiple environmental crises. Plastic contributes to carbon emissions from cradle to grave - from production to the 'recycling' programs that may ultimately result in incineration. The excesses of agribusiness and the methane pollution it produces as well as the clearing of forests for grazing land negatively affects climate change. 

And we understand further 'the big picture' diplomatically - that we aren't going to solve this problem simply with what happens between New Jersey and California. We need to build better diplomatic relationships with the countries we have been trained to hate, countries like Russia and China - especially since such countries are at the top of the carbon emitters list.

Hunter 2020 believes that by taking a comprehensive approach and working together with the entire world, shoulder to shoulder as nations, we can save this planet.



Plastic Pollution

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution

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  • Dario Hunter
    published this page in On the Issues 2020-03-15 17:37:27 -0400